Project National Dex Secret Santa 2023


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The pairings have been released via private conversation to everyone who signed up; which means the building section of this project begins now!
You have until December 24th at 11:59 PM -5 to build what you were assigned. Have fun to everyone who signed up!
Signups are also closed due to the project entering the building section.


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The teambuilding slate has ended; it's now time to post the teams you've built!
Tag the person you built for with a Pokepaste of the team and a short explanation on what you built.
If you didn't build your team yet, that's completely okay! Just be sure to post it in this thread by December 31st at 11:59 PM -5.
Everyone participating in this project will be tagged below so they can be notified to share their teams.

It very fun hosting this project and I'm glad that it was way bigger than last year's. Happy holidays, and enjoy your teams!
Kin+ak (✧∇✧) got your request (thank you for accommodating me by submitting a second core :psyglad:) and here is the team:

The HP EVs on M-Gallade are to live a banded flower trick at full and recover almost 52% of its HP after knocking out a fully healthy Meowscarada with drain punch. Enamorus-I provides speed control as well as a terrifying late game cleaner while Weavile pursuit traps things that annoy the rest of the team (e.g. certain members of stall cores, bulky psychic types that are not afraid of knock off, etc). Alomomola keeps everyone healthy with wish, Gligar-Therian checks physical attackers and keeps hazards off the field in a pinch while Heatran staves off dangerous fairy types.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Ineros, you wanted a team with Ogerpon Wellspring and Iron Moth and here it is:
:Iron-Moth: :ogerpon-wellspring: :Landorus-Therian: :Ferrothorn: :Iron-crown: :Slowking-Galar:
When I saw your core, I wanted to build offense or if that doesnt work balance. I already had a strong breaker core, but I still needed a speedcontrol to keep set-up sweepers and other mid-speed-breakers at bay and a defensiv core that 1. could keep oppsing speedcontrol/offense killers like lop, lele and ival at bay 2. checks the important pokemon of the meta 3. bring the breakers in via pivot moves. I started with lando + ferro these two already form a formidable defensiv core that isnt too passiv due to entry hazards and Toxic / Leech Seed. Ferros EVs were at first the usual mixed defensiv 252 / 44+ / 212 version to be able to help vs lele, but as you will see I changed that later. Lando was sr at first, but I couldnt fit a better defogger without slowing the team down too mutch. While scrolling trough the teambuilder I noticed that Iron Crown: I could be a fast scarfer and pivot with 98 base speed and volt switch, Its steel/psychic typing coupeled with its above average natural bulk gives it defensiv utility against ival, torn and lele. The team still lacked a good way to play around garg and a special sponge thast would help with volc, lele and zap. gking was the perfect solution: it could swallow up big hits with its massiv bulk, slack off and regenerator and pivot out into one of the breakers to apply pressure with chilly reception, that would conviniently also disrupt the momentum of sun and rain teams and allow it together with regenerator and ferros leech seed/knock to beat garg. gking also provides fs to help your breakers break faster. Because lele isnt a thread for this team I changed the ferro spread to 252 / 96+ / 160, which still always lives 3 zap hurricanes, a more theoretical number, but ferro really needs the physical bulk on this team. About its tera type: I ended up with flying, a compromise between ghost for garg and .... flying for glisc, this isnt the primary way to check those two, but you always need a plan B for them.

The biggest threads for this team are zap, a ferro + tran kind of core and a very well played sd glisc, but this team gives you the tools to outplay these.
You can deal with zap by not letting your gking overwelmed, zap is the sole reason why gking has slack off, poisoning it with lando or gking normal poison is prefered tho, overwelming it with fs and trading health with moth and crown.
tran/ferro cores can be beaten with poviting while hazards are up (thats why ferro isnt sr btw.) and forcing them out with moth or pon repeatedly, wearing them down with the help of knock and fs, chuncking them with crowns focus blast or a cobination of those.
glisc is a bit more tricky, your first line of defense is offensiv pressure from wellspring and encore ( if they are terad) lando helps a lot here with intimidate its bulk and flying typing forcing additional sd's and slow u-turn to bring wellspring in safely. gking is tera flying to be able to act as a secondary pivot. You can run ice beam on gking over slack off if you are crazy, but I wouldnt advise that.

You handle garg with gking and and tera ferro you knock and leech it and then apply offensiv pressure with either pon moth or crown depending which has the best coverage for thier tera type.
mega tar could also be a problem, but you mostly counter it by not leading into it, offensiv pressure luring it with moths eball, hazards and lando as a check. Be careful with your psychic types though, but your opponent has to be careful too gking can remove the sand and bring in pon, crown can deal huge damage to tar focus blast or tachyon Cutter. Speaking of iron crown I made it Tera Psychic over Steel to deal more damage to gouging fire.

I hope you have/had a nice xmas with your family or, if you dont celebrate, have a happy new year.


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K302 here is your Mega Latios team by me :)
Ok hear me out although it looks a little weird I feel it has potential to be good if it is piloted right. Mtios and banded Ttar form a breaking core that help weaken each other’s checks such as band Ttar helping against msciz and psychics such as Slowbro, slowking, and an offensive check in Tapu lele and mtios helping against the grounds mtar hates with ice beam as well as pressuring grasses like rilla, kart, serp, and waterpon (to an extent). The defensive core may look weird but it synergizes quite well. Buzzwole takes on physical threats that force out spdef clefable such as Tera steel Zama, msciz, scarf Lando (yes clef gets 2hkod by it) and sd Glisc. Spdef clef in return provides a semi sturdy check to scarf lele and specs lele (in the case of specs lele it has Tera steel) and sponges special hits such as hurricanes from zap and torn and deals with other special threats like ival and Darkrai (to an extent). and sets up rocks for easier breaking. This defensive core also is very hazard resilient. Waterpon takes advantage of the holes mtios and mtar break into mons like Ferro, Hydrapple, and raging bolt and cleans teams quite easily with support from those 2. Scarf Lando brings speed control and helps in matchups and play around threats like vs np torn with edge, the gouging fire matchup, and iron Boulder. It is also your ground here and brings (although temporary) hazard control.
I hope you like this team. Merry Christmas to you and everyone who reads this post!


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hey Animemer check out this Polteageist + Cloyster team you asked for

(click the mons for the paste)

So I am not going to lie, I kind of hate playing this tier so the quality assurance is not guaranteed as I couldn't be bothered to test it. But this is loosely based off a similar Psyspam HO I made that coincidentally featured both Polteageist and Cloyster. And that worked out pretty well so I figure this should too.

Team Notes:

Lando-T and Mega Diancie are both capable of setting and blocking hazards to support your team so please use them to full effect or else both Cloyster and Polteagiest are going to struggle without the Focus Sash and extra chip damage enabling them

:Heatran: Heatran might be a minor concern since its hard to actually setup against it, but its perfectly fine to play around with some skill. You can possibly drop Mystical Fire on Mega Diancie for Earth Power if things aren't going your way but I would argue that pressuring Ferrothorn, Kartana, and Mega Scizor is worth it more for this team.

Choice Band is hella annoying for this team since Hawlucha is the only way to maneuver around it. I shifted its EV's a bit so that it has a chance to avoid a 2HKO from Grassy Glide but it's still a roll to 2HKO so be wary. If this mon hits the field, grow a brain and just sack something so Hawlucha doesn't have to gamble in my opinion. It can setup to potentially win right after.
Willro101 here's your subserp team

:gliscor: - Sets spikes and allows for some level of hazard control with defog. Spdef lets it stay in and spike up easier on things that would normally threaten it out.

:alomomola: - Switches into the ice and water moves that gliscor doesn't like. wishpasses to give you second chances at sweeping and to heal up heatran. Tera dragon in order to ease up the Ogerpon-W matchup.

:heatran: - Finishes the defensive core by synergizing well with gliscor and mola. Sets rocks and chips with magma storm while being able to break stall with taunt.

:serperior: - Sweeps with contrary.

:medicham-mega: - The second stallbreaker on the team. Can fire off super strong CCs off of a mola flip turn.

:iron-boulder: - Secondary sweeper and an important revenge killer. Has an unmatched speed tier to come in on faster threats and kill most of the metagame at +1.
Orangex First up, MERRY XMAS!
I am bringing you some heat, since it's winter, i think we all need some heat in our homes right now.Anyway, here is the team:
:pawmot: :Banette-Mega: :Sharpedo: :Great Tusk: :Tapu Koko: :Iron Valiant:

This team is pretty simple, but very fun to play.You use Pawmot's Revival Blessing to revive back either Mega Banette or Sharpedo, who btw, can do some fun sheninagans himself with protect, so he can scout out your opponent first before using bond and getting a +1 in speed on top of that.I think u could give this thing Taunt instead of CC if u want to.The last 3 are pretty obvious,tusk is there cuz u dont want ur destiny bonders getting chipped from hazzards or even worse,poisoned by the more rare Toxic Spikes.Lastly, i added KokoVal, a very good core u can use to clean ur opponent's last remaining team members once ur destiny bond sheningans are over.I hope you have fun with this, take care :sphearical:


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hey Nashrock i got your request for mega-altaria :D
:altaria-mega: :heatran: :samurott-hisui: :kartana: :landorus-therian: :ogerpon-wellspring:
:altaria-mega: :ting-lu: :heatran: :alomomola: :tornadus-therian: :slowking-galar:

the first team intends to overwhelm the opponents physical check. most of the time it will be alomomola or ferro which the oger and heatran abuse. the second team uses altarias decent typing in a more fat team. can't tell you much about this team because i built it while i was sick yesterday and dont remember much of it but merry christmas!


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:absol-mega: :slowbro: :landorus-therian: :garchomp: :iron crown: :tornadus-therian:

This team is built around giving Mega-Absol as many chances as possible to come in and press its buttons. Slowbro can force switches with yawn and bring in absol with teleport, as well as providing a valuable stopgap to shifu RS. Lando-T is just a great glue mon, and can rock while threatening u turns into absol. SD Z chomp is another potent sweeper, but it can also use the switches it forces to lay spikes and add more pressure. Iron crown answers lele, while also adding loads of special bulk to this team and providing fsight support. Tornadus-T is the defogger as it's got a strong offensive presence, with high power moves and a good spa supplementing its excellent speed tier, letting it get the jump on waterpon and non-be ival. I hope you love the team as much as I did while building it, and a merry crimmas to you!


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Amstan Thank you for the wonderful teams! This is what I made for you.
:Hydrapple::Slowking-Galar::Gliscor::Zamazenta::Tapu Koko::Iron Boulder:
It's a double regen core so I decided to go for a more balanced build. The idea is that we can optimize the recovery from regens + gliscor and use hazards to worn oppo down. Double fighting feels great here as they both provide hazard control and can more easily pressure certain walls like dondozo which gives chance for apple and koko. Also they have great synergy with future sight. Hope you like it!
Special Michelin Star Meal just for you, Runo

Normally you lead with Mr. Lando. Depending on what they lead you either click SD, Rocks, or hard-switch out. If you outspeed and they don't threaten lando too much, SD on em. If they switch into a flying type lando can tank a hit 90% of the time and nuke them with Z-SE. Most of the time you can get a clean KO or if not then some big chip. Don't be too worried about losing too much hp, that's what mola is for.

This mScizor set is a lil something special I cooked up. the ev's outspeed offensive Tran and ohko's after sr chip. CC does a minimum of 72% to its defensive set. It also OHKO's Zone after rocks, though that calc isnt as useful. It is a powerful wincon, being able to sd on Tapu Lele from full and roost to wait out psyterrain.

Hydreigon is the standard specs set. I'm NGL, it's been putting in work. It's a little bit prediction reliant at times but very rewarding, and dpulse can just rip through slower teams.

Heatran is the standard offensive set. Doesn't need much introduction, it comes in on defensive mons and hits some big numbers.

Alomomola is the standard set. It can switch into Heatrans magma storm and flip turn out for momentum, as well as a ton of other things, as you likely know.

Zamazenta is the standard Band set. This guy is usually my answer to Waterpon. Guaranteed ohko with cc, and for whatever reason they never expect it.

One thing you might be noticing is a severe lack of hazard removal, but this team really doesn't need it. The only mon that really cares is Zama, and he is normally reserved for cleaning endgame, and mSciz, but you really just shouldn’t be letting them get up that many hazards in the first place. The team is also pretty weak to fairies, which is why I'm running tera poison on Hydrei, as that beats most of them bar Lele.

Overall I've had a lot of fun with it, dm me if you have any questions or concerns.
Larrea_0 merry Christmas! When I first saw the Lopunny + Lando-T core, the first thing I thought of was Volt turn, so here’s my attempt at building!

:Lopunny-mega: :landorus-therian: :iron-crown: :alomomola: :ogerpon-wellspring: :moltres:

First two are pretty self explanatory, Lopunny hits hard and pivots around. Lando synergizes great with Mola and gets up rocks.

I added Iron Crown on a whim, I initially thought it would just be bad Glowking but this thing has surpassed all expectations. It has an amazing typing and is so fat with AV, and is a great counter to Lele, Latios, Valiant, Koko, etc. Future sight + volt switch lets you put on a lot of pressure especially when Lopunny and Ogerpon are on the field.

Alomomola is the generic cleric to heal everyone up, it works especially well with Lando and Crown. Try to keep Mola healthy as the flip turn is really valuable even if you don’t have a wish set up.

Ogerpon is Ogerpon. Taunt is there to stop things like Pex and opposing Alomomola. You can also replace it with encore to have a slightly better matchup into Garg, which this team otherwise hard loses too.

Moltres was the final pick. I kept losing to Scizor and needed Defog at the same time, so it was between this thing and Volcanion. You can replace Scorching Sands with U-turn for maximum pivot potential, I’ve found that both are pretty useful.

- Garg beats this team 6-0, the only way to beat it I’ve found is by getting set up with Ogerpon before Garg hits the field and praying they aren’t Tera Water or Dragon.
- Also, Darkrai is a thing now so it seems pretty difficult to switch into it with this team.
- Mega Scizor can give the team a fair bit of trouble, especially if Moltres is gone. You deal with it the same way as Garg, get Ogerpon in before Scizor stacks too many Swords Dances and can one shot Ogerpon.

That’s all for me. Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your holiday season!
about15guys (
yo, its me, the guy that likes revavroom, anyways lando is a lead, lele is your set up sweeper if possible and terrain setter which hawlucha can benefit from, valiant can potentially sweep and knock out quite a bit being fast and stronk, victini has z celebrate to go brrrr and sweep as well, and ogerpon is just a very stronk offensive mon, so this is a team that resembles a HO team and can sweep if the stars align, merry xmas!
Chilkist I give thee a gift

So I wasn't sure what direction to go with this set so I thought for approximately 3 minutes and then said oh right I play stall why not make this goofy set goofier by putting it on stall so it serves as a wincon (allegedly) especially since the set already had some bulk investment, since it isn't exactly the most reliable win condition I also chose to have garganacl, beyond that it's more or less just standard stall type stuff. Enjoy this "team"
Hey Lightniong!
Here's the present.
:Latios-Mega: :Iron Hands: :Gliscor: :Zapdos: :Zamazenta: :Heatran:
Wanted to build with hands+mlatios since they both cover up their matchups pretty well. Lum berry on Iron hands is meant to bait out common status like Toxic from mola as a set up opportunity. Glisc stacks hazards, tran does trapping stuff, zama as speed control and a potential wincon, and zap as defog support.

Here's some scrapped teams I made. They're scrapped because I figured that they either didn't work well or are incomplete. But if you see potential in them, try it!

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